Client is a US based credit/debit card linked offer platform provider. They have several cashback and reward programs for which they need to track transactions from different sources. They offer seamless and free experience for both diners and restaurants. They were looking for automation of process which is extensible, scalable, manageable, reliable all that being cost-effective.

The result: Scalable Solutions created solution with group of Azure Logic Apps which ingests, transforms, reports and do several actions on the data. The solution is greatly extensible and scalable. The beauty of the solution is to onboard new payment providers and restaurants in a matter of minutes irrespective of their integration systems

We Used Server less Architecture Using Azure Logic Apps And Azure Functions

Non Dependency On Developers’ Saves Time And Money

Reusable Components, Extensibility And Adaptability

Serverless Architecture Which Helps Customer To Save Money On Infrastructure And Pay Only For Usage.

Technology Stack : .NET Core, Zoho Deluge, Zoho reports, FTP Integration, SMTP Integration

Ability For A Non-technical Person To Monitor The Process

Solution Helped Client Reduce Operational Cost By Extensive Automation

Easy To Extend Makes It Faster Time To Market For Onboarding New Partners