Client is Amsterdam based software product company owning ASP.NET based software product for legal domain. For customers, client wanted to deploy the product on Azure IaaS with topology which supports the scalability and configuration for the product. Every time the deployment on Azure would require a lot of manual effort and it was error prone

The result: Scalable Solutions first helped set the right topology of the product to run on Windows Azure VM Based solution. Developed Proof of Concept through PowerShell and Azure Resource Management. Delivered the tools and automation scripts driven by configuration parameters. Now, Client team can setup an environment within minutes.

We Used Tools Such Powershell Script, Azure ARM Modules.

Technology Stack : Microsoft Azure IaaS, Azure Resource Management, PowerShell, Custom PowerShell Modules

Provisioning Time Brought Down To Minutes From Couple Of Days.

Near Zero Errors Due To Repeatable Automated Deployment.

Due To Automation Cost Of Customer Provisioning Reduced By 90%.

Modularized Scripts And ARM Templates For Extensibility.