TWe enjoy what we do. We are bunch of passionate technologist who love challenges. We are always Busy and Happy.

  1. Personal and Health Insurance
  2. Twice a year Medical Checkups
  3. Snacking around – Yes we do eat a lot!
  4. In house boxed cricket
  5. Lots of learning opportunities and challenges

Above all there is a lot of freedom and great learning together with the team.

If you are hands on in anyone of the following even though your experience ranges from 2-8 years, get in touch! C#, ASP.NET, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Nodejs, Knockout, Windows Azure, Java, JSP, MongoDB, Hands on Selenium Automation

Current Openings

Digital Marketing Intern: Looking for hands on Digital Marketer who can help in creating branding for our organization using Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, Content Writing and other standard tools. This Position is based out of Pune and along with internship we do provide an Awesome culture at our startup.

Ready? love to be Busy and Happy?
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