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Build and Deploy React App with Node backend on Azure App Service (Linux)

This post shows how to configure and deploy React front end application with Node js backend on Azure App Service on Linux. There are multiple ways an app can be deployed to Azure App Service on Linux. In this post I will list two ways i.e. Zipped deployment using "az webapp" command and using Local Git deployment. "az webapp up" command creates the resources required to deploy your application before deploying your code, it helps to avoid complexity of creating all resources manually in azure...
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Think Different! Bots are New Apps

bot framework
Think different!! Bots are the new Apps. Bots seems to be a versatile technology framework to increase the efficiency of your users. We cover here what is Bot, why we need it and what are the design principles while thinking about a Bot. Over growing websites and crowded contents and design on websites making it confusing for the users to find out the information or just get a quick answer for their question. I think that was the trigger for “Chat Widget” on most of the web sites. Now, with ...
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Systems of Integration – Azure LogicApps

Logic Apps
Enterprise Systems, Software Products, Software Applications , Processes, Data and Devices are multiplying so as the complexity of integration. Heterogeneous integrations make it even more complicated and time consuming to integrate with each other. Our customers have always been showing intent concerns around Integrations. As we are going through the Digital Transformation, integration is even more relevant and important. We have been discussing the systems of integration with our customers....
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Architecture Design Session

What does Architecture Design Session (ADS) offer? Validating an idea by building MVP / POC? Planning a Cloud Migration of Product ? Want to  SaaSify ? Want to build a Mobile First Cloud First App? Want to build an offline web app? We would like to invite our prospects and customers to invite us for a quick Architecture Design Session. Our ADS is driven by clearly defined objectives and problem statements. In the past, our customers have enjoyed our ADS session more like a br...
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