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Our Services

We work with technology Startups, ISVs and Small & Medium sized Enterprises. Our Services include Scalability Solution Consulting, Architecture Design Sessions, Proof of Concept Factory and Lean & Mean Product Development.

.Scalability Solution Consulting at initial design or to identify bottlenecks in the solution, we do help in solving the bottlenecks. Proof of Concept factory to validate your ideas or solutions. Lean and Mean Product Development Team of dedicated technologist who would be part of your extended development team.

We develop solutions to help our customers grow business across form factors through Cloud and Mobile channels. We assist startups to take their idea through Proof of Concepts and Minimum Viable Products to a Dedicated Product Development Team. Our expertise, agility help business to evaluate their ideas fast and cheap. We build optimum solutions on Cloud, Microsoft Azure is our First choice of Cloud for Public, Private and Hybrid Solutions.

We carry solid global experience of working with Product, Services and Technology companies


Scalability Solution Consulting :

  • Architecture & design review for building robust Scalable Solutions
  • Review the product or project design to find and solve Scalability and Performance bottlenecks
  • Scale your team with our technology expertise in Pre-Sales
  • Microsoft Technologies, Azure PaaS & IaaS consulting for optimum solutions

Proof of Concept (POC) Factory:

Give us your most critical and most important part of the technical problem
You think Business we decide Technology for you
Cloud based development and deployment for optimum and iterative delivery through Microsoft Azure PaaS and IaaS Services

Lean and Mean Product Development:

  • Develop Scalable, Rich UX, Mobile, Cloud based Product for high internet scale
  • Technology focus and process perfect development team
  • Lean and dedicated team to get maximum benefits