Preparing a proof of concept is essential for every project, be it simple, in-expensive, complex, or expensive. It helps in gaining trust of potential investors, partners, users, and stakeholders. To demonstrate whether the project is going to turn out a profitable venture, or a damp squib, our team of business analysts and solution architects plan and prepare a proof of concept.

Depending on the project, we either provide a Prototype or a Model sans of code, or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) consisting of a few essential features. This helps in taking an informed decision and giving a green signal to the project since the evidence for the viability of the project is already collected.


Scalable Solutions’ proof of concept service involves testing the most basic and one or two complex aspects of the project. We investigate whether the idea can be done technically, and if it is practically viable. To see how the software is going to work, we roll out two of its main features. For this, we undertake three types of proof of concept. First is the customer-oriented proof of concept to identify how your customers can work with the software. The second one is the use case proof of concept to find out if the software can deliver the impact that you intent. This also helps to evaluate if your investment can turn profitable or not. The last is the test case to ensure the software is compatible with all operating systems and types of devices the users will be working on. It also ensures the product is in sync with the internal systems of your customers and the software application fits in technically within the flow.


Let’s say you have a plan for a unique product or software that can amplify production, control costs, manage sales efficiently, or even help in planning and making your city smart. But how people can trust you that whatever you have conceptualized will actually work. They may be in accord with your vision, but until and unless they know what’s going to be the impact of the product, no one would buy your idea. You need to provide them something that they can see, touch, feel, and get excited about. That’s where a POC becomes a great way to convince them.

At our POC factory, our solution architects provide sustained efforts to the business community across industries and help build a valuable technology. We build robust, reliable, and efficient technology out of ideas that are sitting on papers. We can help you validate feasibility of your idea, build business confidence, and significantly reduce the risk of project failure.

As a product engineering specialist, we probe ideas and bring them to life by planning and executing design and deployment phases. We identify all the steps, priorities, and tools that help in reducing time and money for product development. If your client likes your idea, but isn’t convinced whether it will work, we can help you deliver the impact that your idea promises.


Our POC services are compatible for both web and mobile environment. This means you can use it anywhere and on any device with Internet connection. Even if you want to upgrade systems in the future, we guarantee that the mobile application or the web application will work flawlessly with all the features and specifications incorporated. The proof of concept, prototyping, piloting, testing, and deployment process helps us in designing and developing a sustainable technology.

So don’t overlook the importance of POC for your project, and get set to influence the market with one of the trusted names in product engineering – Scalable Solutions.


If checking the viability of your idea takes a long time, the project will not be as profitable as you expect. As the POC is under preparation, you’re extending your sales cycle. If the POC takes a long time, the gap between actual sales and profit widens. With Scalable Solutions, you can get a proof of concept for your project in just a few weeks. Our team of software developers ensures that you have a Prototype or an MVP in fasted time.

To give a shape to your product or make an application concept technically viable, we prepare sketches, mockups, wireframes, and a visual design. All these elements are then used in our POC application by our software engineers to test the complex features of the applications and technicality of the product. As the POC design is under process, we concentrate on providing the best solutions for your project so that risks are eliminated, and the functionality of your idea is guaranteed. With the type of agile development methodology that we use, our team ensure fastest POC turnaround time.

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