One of our customers has a Azure based SaaS product into Contract Management. The product is currently running on Microsoft Azure with multiple customers on-boarded. Some of their customers faced performance and scalability issues. We the team Scalable helped reviewing architecture and code to identify the bottlenecks and provided solution to address the bottlenecks with code and proof of concepts at times. A collaborative approach with customer’s engineering team helped them address the scalability and performance issues in the product to take it to the next level.

Below are the details of our work

Customer is a software product company having Azure based SaaS product into Contract Management Domain

The product being deployed for multiple customers faced a few issues from scalability and performance perspective.

Customer wanted to review the product architecture and code to identify and address the scalability bottleneck

Scalable Solutions did an architecture and code review with Product Architects and Developers

Identified bottlenecks and suggested solution to address the same

Developed POCs for couple of solution to help development team

ASP .NET MVC 5, Web API, AppFabric Service Bus, App Fabric Caching, SQL Server / SQL Azure, Windows Azure, Elastic Search