Client is a software product company owning Azure based SaaS product into Contract Management Domain. Contractual data being created in staging environment with a set of stakeholders and goes through business workflows Once the contracts and meta data is created in staging those are required to be promoted in production without affecting the application function and keeping intact the data relationships as if it is created in Production

The result: Scalable Solutions developed a tool with wrapper API using third party tool and handled data issues, retry mechanisms, functional dependencies in the tool. The wrapper API can be called through other web or console application through integration approaches

We Used Web API, SQL Azure And Data Management Utility

Technology Stack : Microsoft Azure PaaS, ASP.NET MVC, Console App Utility, PowerShell Utility

Realistic Separation Of Environment For The End Customer.

Near Zero Errors Staging To Production Migration.

Automation Increased Time To Market For The End Customer.

Tool Extensibility Reduced Support Efforts And Cost For Customer.