Automation Testing & QA Services

The performance of your application across multiple browsers and devices is vital for your business. Any issue such as functionality, usability, compatibility, and security in the website is harmful to your reputation and business. Scalable Solutions can help you overcome these challenges with our automating testing and QA services. Our team of automation engineers is skilled in testing mobile and web application and QA automation for SaaS. We work with Agile and DevOps methodologies and offer digital testing services for mobile and web applications.

Why Automation Testing Services?

Software application testing is extremely important for organizations to achieve and sustain business growth. By taking this action, you can ensure your digital products are performing well, and consumers are enjoying using them. But due to excessive features, functionality, and a huge collection of source code, performing manual testing becomes time-consuming, exhaustive, and more importantly, unreliable. That’s why businesses all over the globe prefer automation testing to improve the performance and functionality of software and application. Irrespective of the size of your organization and product, automation testing has potential to add a lot of business value.

  1. Cost and time effective
  2. Reduces error and way more efficient
  3. Improves performance and test coverage of software and application
  4. Cuts down manual interventions thus, saving the time of your engineers
  5. Delivers steady and accurate results
  6. Increase testing speed and provides ample time for development
  7. Doesn’t involve any labor and expenses
  8. Runs test scripts anytime

Core Testing

Scalable Solutions’ QA Services guarantees meeting of business goals and quality products for clients. Our advanced and methodical approach to find and resolve minor and major issues in applications ensure checking off every single quality index set by the IT industry. Our team’s competency in test management, and applying advanced tools & techniques helps us in maximizing text coverage and decreasing test life cycles thereby expediting product release time to the market. With cost-effective and a pragmatic approach to quality assurance services, we are helping organizations to improve performance, cut time and cost of testing, and gain higher ROI. Our tailor-made quality assurance test frameworks, and methodologies give a sure-shot solution for reducing technical and business risks.

Test Management

Scalable Solutions’ test management services help clients overcome technical challenges posed in daily business operations. We deploy talented test management team and streamline the testing process by using the latest tools and technology. Our customized test management strategies enable us in selecting effective test management methodology, building test design and cases, and enforcing high-quality industry standards for the testing process. Quality and timeliness deliverables are the essence of our customized test management services. Our test management technique allows us to apply maximum possible coverage, improve the quality of testing, and ensure fully functional application to meet end users’ needs. We work with the best test management tools to find a suitable test scenario for your project, manage test case environments, do risk analysis, and cost-effective project management. With robust test management policies in place, we stay focused on quality, timely delivery, and alignment of business goals with testing goals. We follow best practices for test management that support in implementing industry-standard procedures and organizing test effort in place. After the tests are completed, we analyze the results and give reports to clients.

Integration Testing

If you want your customers to use your application for service and products, it is necessary to verify and confirm its capacity to work seamlessly with the third-party software. This is where integration testing becomes useful. Scalable Solutions’ integration testing services verifies and confirms a flawless integration of your application with the third-party software, and meet all the requirements and standards. We confirm the system modules do not interfere with other hardware and software components. Our testers use both Big Bang and Incremental approach to confirm the functionality of an application against system business. In short, we combine all module units for testing and validate continuous communication between two applications.

Functional Testing

Scalable Solutions’ functional testing services is useful in verifying and validating the functions of applications as per defined specifications. Checking all the functionality of the application, the outputs, and examining the actual results against the expected results form the core of our functional testing services. We collaborate with clients during every single stage of the lifestyle and ensure the testing and business goals are parallel with each other. Our approach and procedures in detecting and removing defects at the earliest stage save costs for clients and improve product quality. Our team is adept at applying the standard testing techniques to ensure the application is fully functional, free of glitches, and ready for the end users.

System Testing

Since applications consist of different modules comprising units, each unit has to be tested separately. And when two or more units are assembled, and integration testing is performed. But when the application is complete and integrated, System Testing is performed. The purpose of the system testing is to verify the application’s compliance with the set requirements. By testing a fully integrated system, you can confirm it meets defined specifications. Scalable Solutions’ system testing involves setting up test environment, creating test case, test data, executing test case, defecting reporting, etc. It is generally carried out for:

  1. Performance Testing
  2. Load Testing
  3. Stress Testing
  4. Scalability Testing

System Testing basically involves testing of the software code to verify the interactions of components with each other and the system. It is performed on the whole system to check system requirement specifications, or functional requirement specifications, or both. It tests the design and behaviour of the system as well as customer expectations.

Regression Testing

Applications need to be robust and flexible in order to incorporate new functions and features that may arise due to changing business demands and technology upgrades that too without disturbing their original core functions. That’s where regressing testing helps in confirming compliance between the original core functions and the new versions of applications. But this requires exceptional coding skills and continuous maintenance. This is what poses challenges to businesses and causes a setback for their desire to bring new products to the market. Scalable Solutions is an experienced software testing company that provides customized software testing services. We can test all the parameters you have set for quality and functionality of your application, and ensure it is fully functional and capable of meeting expectations of the end users once it is brought to the market. Our software engineers are experienced in carrying out regression testing and delivering high-quality products.

Specialized Testing

Scalable Solutions’ specialized testing services offer a robust launching pad for your new products. We are a specialist in testing digital products and ensuring they are ready for your customers and the market. Equipped with the best brains and tools, we are a leading software testing company in Pune. Our specialized testing services are designed to provide sustainable solutions for any technical and business challenges. With proven methods, best tools and technology, effective processes, technical ability, and best practices, our team is ever-ready to meet any testing challenges. Whether you want to revamp your existing applications, incorporate new features, make them compatible with the changing technology, or carry out CRM transformations, our agile testing methodology ensures faster turnaround time.

Mobile Testing

The use of mobile devices is not just limited to personal use. People are using them for ordering products and services as well. Today, almost every person owns a mobile device. That’s why mobile-friendly apps are becoming a driving force behind the success of enterprises. In fact, survey reports suggest that every small and medium-sized enterprise has experienced a spike in business. With Scalable Solutions, you can make your applications perform better on any mobile platform, device, and network.
Our Mobile Application Testing Process Involves: Functional Testing – This step helps in checking the uniformity between mobile app functions and design document.
Compatibility Testing – Verifies compatibility across platforms, browsers, devices, front-end and back-end support.
Performance Testing – Evaluate responsiveness, uploading time, functionality, and scalability.
Security Testing – Confirms integrity and security of data, activity logs, and resolves storage issues.
Usability Testing – Ensures the mobile app is user-friendly easy to navigate, and perform required tasks. Test Automation – Mobile regression test suites automation

Cloud Testing

Cloud-based platforms are helping enterprises leverage the power of digital technology without any need of investing in infrastructure. With cloud computing services, enterprises can cut time-to-market and compete with their rivals in a better way. No wonder, cloud-based solutions have sparked immense interest the business community across the globe. However, certain issues like data integration, security, privacy, and performance of the application have to be verified. To ensure successful implementation of your cloud-based product, cloud testing services are essential. Scalable Solutions has the ability and tools to test your cloud applications. We can fix any functional, non-functional, and cloud-specific technical issues. Our cloud engineers will help you overcome all the challenges for your cloud implementation project. We also provide testing of SaaS products to enterprises since our expertise in resolving technical complexities is unmatched.

Performance Testing

Scalable Solutions is a leading performance testing company. We are skilled in using commercial performance testing tools as well as open source test automation tools. We can make your business application perform at its peak during excessive workload as well as in normal conditions. We check and validate if the application is responding well to the users, is performing smoothly on every electronic device, is compatible with all operating systems, is functioning as per the set specifications, is remaining stable for most of the time, and has the capacity to integrate with future technologies. We perform the following performance testing types

  1. Load Testing
  2. Stress Testing
  3. Scalability Testing
  4. Stability Testing
  5. Response Time Testing

Security Testing

Competition in business can incite your rivals to damage your system either by unethical hacking, or through infiltration of a virus. Such incidences can wipe out business data. That’s why performing application security testing is one of the crucial aspects of doing business online. Scalable Solutions has the technical expertise to put all your application security concerns to rest. We are skilled in security testing of enterprise applications and cater our expertise to businesses across domains. We have the ability to identify vulnerabilities in applications and mitigate your application risks. Our experienced code analyzers are skilled in analyzing and validating the quality of your programming code. With our customized security testing, you can have a strong protective shield for your applications.
We perform the following security testing types

  1. Vulnerability Testing
  2. Penetration Testing
  3. Security Code Review
  4. Data Validation Testing
  5. Testing For Covering Sensitive Data Exposure

Web Services Testing

Digital technology is playing a crucial role in enabling enterprises to deliver fast and precise services to consumers. As more and more consumers are using digital platforms to buy products and avail services, your website and web application must have improved functionality, performance, and as well as provide solid security for consumers’ data. Scalable Solutions has the expertise to test application interfaces and other related functions. Our automation engineers can help you bring your digital products to the market faster than your expectations. Our Testing Process Involves:

  1. Requirement Gathering
  2. Test Planning
  3. Test Case Building
  4. Test Case Execution
  5. Bug Reporting
  6. Bug Reanalysis
  7. Test Closure